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  • Upper Lake Elementary School
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  • Upper Lake Elementary School
  • Upper Lake Elementary School
  • Upper Lake Elementary School

Our Mission

Improving Academic Success for All Students

1. The district will provide the most recent common core aligned instructional programs,

including accelerated interventions for reading/language arts and math. (State Priority

1, 2)

2. The district will provide professional staff development opportunities for all staff. (State Priority 2, 4)

3. The district will use data and data analysis to target student needs. (State Priority 4,5,6)

4. The district will allocate resources to support the LCAP and school plans.

5. The schools and district will continue to find and improve ways to increase and support

parental involvement to support student success. (State Priority 3, 6)

6. The district will attract, retain, and fairly distribute the highest quality staff at all sites.(State Priority 1)

7. The District will maintain safe, clean, and secure facilities and learning environments.(State Priority 1)

Message from the Principal

We are safe, respectful and responsible.  We are also #UpperLakeStrong!  The summer of 2018 has brought it's challenges with the #MendocinoComplex.  

Upper Lake Elementary School will be clean and ready to greet our students with vibrance, energy and welcome hugs.  We are a big enough school to have lots to offer while being a small enough school to know everyone by name.  We will use this power of connection to build even stronger relationships that will result in success for all.

Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep informed of all of the exciting learning taking place at Upper Lake Elementary School.

We welcome  our community to partner with the school to make educating the whole child enjoyable and successful.  Safety is one of our top priorities.  Please make sure that when you arrive on campus, you always check into the office and get your visitor sticker.

I am super excited to work with your children and the talented, dedicated staff at Upper Lake Unified School District.


Mrs. Wayment

Principal ~ Upper Lake Elementary School